Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

1. Bluetooth wireless microphone and speaker combo, work at the same time

2. Three-layer automatic noise reduction design, restore real sound, karaoke level experience

3. Support TF function, plug and play, with power off playback

4. Multi-function adjustment panel, rich and varied functions


Product material: ABS material + aluminum alloy
Product color: gold, rose gold, black, blue (random)
Product size: height 250mm speaker 70*70*65mm (approx.)
Weight: 460g (approx.)
Pickup: Capacitive
Output power: 10mw headphone output 5w speaker output
Comfortable charging: DC5V
Frequency range: 100mhz-10000mhz
Maximum sound pressure level: >115db 1khz THD<1%
Reverb mode: echo is active reverb
Power supply: built-in 18650 battery
Battery capacity: 1800Mah
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.1, stable transmission, low power consumption

The package includes:
1x microphone
1x charging cable
1x instruction manual


Item Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
Color Gold, rose gold, black, blue (Random)
Product material ABS material + aluminum alloy
Weight 460g (approx.)
Output power 10mw headphone output 5w speaker output
Battery capacity 1800Mah
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